Welcome to Our School

The Three Little Ships is an international preschool in English for 3 and 4 year old children of expatriate parents. It is an inclusive setting for children who have typical development and also for children with additional educational needs.

The  preschool was founded in the summer of 2006 by Lighthouse Special Education at their premises on Amalia van Solmsstraat 155 in the Bezuidenhout quarter of The Hague, near the Haagsche Schoolvereeniging (HSV) International Department on the Koningin Sophiestraat.

Preschool Three Little Ships is located at the Van Heutszstraat 12, together with Lighthouse Special Education and the fourth international primary department of HSV.

The Three Little Ships preschool offers a structured curriculum with the emphasis placed on social-emotional safety, individual development, social competence and the transfer of norms and values.

At the Three Little Ships preschool we believe passionately that the children with additional educational needs and their typically developing peers should grow and learn together, as this not only encourages tolerance, respect and understanding for each other but also provides a stimulating and motivating learning environment for all.

We hope that you will enjoy ‘visiting’ our preschool.

Judith Preston
Location Leader

Lisa Mayhall
Leader for Learning