A day in preschool

We offer play-based learning during school hours, 0830-1500 (0830-1230 on Wednesdays) and the choice of full-time provision, or 3 or 4 fixed days per week. Please feel free to come and meet the staff and children and take a look at our facilities.

The school is open from 8.15 am and the children come excitedly into school with their parents. Three Little Ships has a soft start of the day between 08:30 and 08:45. Classes will start promptly at 08:45.

The first 2 or 3 days parents help their children to take off their coats and together they greet the preschool teacher who is waiting by the classroom door. After an adjustment period the parents will drop off their child at the school gate and a staff member will bring the child to the class.

In the classroom, a variety of activities and materials are all ready for the children to explore. Two other preschool teachers are also ready to engage with the children and help them to settle into the morning learning activities. Sometimes activities are set up outside the classroom, in the playground or in the hallway.

During the morning, the children stop for a snack break and they are offered fruit, crackers as a snack and bringing their own water bottle. Initially the snack is eaten altogether as a group. Later in the year, a ‘Snack Bar’ is open and the children choose to take their snack when they are ready to do so.

During the morning, there is a whole class talk time in which children learn about the day of the week, the weather and information about the monthly theme. Children also share family news and birthdays are celebrated. Songs are learned and musical activities may also take place.

At about 11.30 the children go outside to play. They have opportunities to climb, run, jump, cycle on small bikes and play in the sandpit. In the summer, water activities are also put outside.

At about 12.00, the children have their lunch. Every child will supply their own lunch. The children all eat together and this is a time for learning table manners and chatting together.

After lunch the children have a Quiet Time where they lie quietly and look at books, listen to music or even have a quick nap.

Once the quiet time is over, the children get busy again with afternoon learning activities. These may also include using iPads (donations by Aramco Overseas and the American Embassy in The Hague) and other technical educational toys carefully selected by the teaching staff. Twice a week the children also go to the gym for physical activities.

The day ends with everyone sitting together in a Circle Time to think about the things they have learned.

At 15.00, the children are greeted by their parents and we know that they will have a lot to tell them about their happy, busy day at school!