Complaints Procedure

The Three Little Ships Pre-school has an internal complaints protocol in line with Dutch law for children’s day care centres (Wet Kinderopvang). This protocol describes the way that the Three Little Ships preschool will register and deal with parental complaints.

Ideally, parents will discuss their concerns first with the preschool staff that are involved.

If the situation cannot be resolved then a formal complaint may be made. The formal complaint should be submitted in writing to the Director of Lighthouse Special Education.

If the complaint is still not resolved satisfactorily, then the parents may submit their complaint in writing to the Executive Director of the Stichting HSV.

If the complaint cannot be resolved through the internal complaints procedure then the parents may seek information, advice and mediation through the Childcare Complaints Desk (Klachtloket Kinderopvang) in The Hague: or may lodge their complaint with the Consumer Complaints Board for ChildCare (Geschillencommissie Kinderopvang): In some cases, it may be in the best interest of the complainant to submit their complaint directly to the Consumer Complaints Board

Full details about making a formal complaint can be found in the Preschool Complaints procedure .

In 2021 Consumer Complaints Board for Child Care (Geschillencommissie Kinderopvang) did not receive any complaints, please find the official letter here.