A preschool day

On entering school in the morning the children are able to choose between a wide variety of play and developmental activities and materials.

There is a structured Talking Time as well as MusicPhysical Education,Outside Play and lots of opportunities for Art. Activities are planned according to various topics.

The children are offered fruit, crackers and juice as a snack and they all sit to eat lunch together with the group leaders.

After lunch they have a Quiet Time where they lie quietly and look at books, to collect themselves for an afternoon of more play and learning. The afternoon may include special lessons such as Music or Physical Education.

At Home Time we hope they have a lot to tell about a happy day at school!

The daily learnig activities at school also include the use of personal computers and iPads (donations by Aramco Overseas and the American Embassy in The Hague), with educational programs and applications carefully selected by the teaching staff.